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     Carmine takes pride in the fact that his teacher, Marcelo Mello is of the old Brazilian Vale Tudo lineage. Carmine carries that mentality to this day and imparts it to the up and coming young guns reminding them that the men that pioneered the founding of mixed martial arts were simply a different breed. Nothing depicts this more clearly that Carmine's “first fight”.                 

      When Carmine expressed his interest to fight during one of his mentor Marcelo Mello's classes he simply replied in passing “oh you want to fight? ok” Carmine's request appeared to fall on deaf ears.  Following the class Marcelo invited everyone to meet early Friday evening at the dojo for a night out. Carmine came dressed and ready to go complete with slacks, button down and dress shows. The convoy of friends proceeded to follow Marcelo as he led the way to their Friday evening destination.  Thirty minutes became an hour, an hour became two with Carmine wondering and anticipating his Friday evening destination. The urban scenery quickly gave way to up state greenery. Before long a small road appeared out of the darkness. A right turn was made and convoy of cars slowly drove on.

     “Ah a Friday night house party” Carmine thought to himself, “It must be a good one for us to drive this far”.  

There was only one problem the road dead ended to and open field. There were a lot of people and cars with headlights glaring but no house.  As Marcello exited the vehicle he instructed everyone to “come on”. As they walked into the field toward  a crowd that was waiting. 

 Carmine exclaimed, “Marcelo what’s up?”  
Marcelo replied “you said you wanted to fight, well here we are”. 

 Carmine replied “Now? I don’t want to fight now!”. 

 Marcelo, “Oh yes you said wanted to fight”.  

  “Marcelo I’m wearing dress clothes, I don’t even have shorts”. 

 Marcelo- “are you wearing underwear?”  

 Carmine- “Yeah” 

 Marcelo: “good enough” 

 Carmine proceeded to fight,  yes with no gloves, no mouth piece, no cup and no shorts.
 Yes in his underwear! And was victorious. 

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