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MMA Sponsorship Opportunities
Option 1
Help a Young Man Realize His Dreams!
Sponsorship $3500
A Unique Way to Sponsor
 In a society of entitlement, where the youth suffer from lack of focus and motivation it’s refreshing to find that the American spirit of hard work and self-determination is not lost.
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
 Dominick is a 20 year old amateur mixed martial arts fighter who’s seeking to make his pro debut this year at the 145lb weight range in World Champion Louis Neglia’s  Ring of Combat at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey. 
Dominick Biondo
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
 Dominick has been training in martial arts since he was a child. He has studied in the following disciplines: Tae Kwon Do; Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Judo; Muay Thai and Boxing. 

Dominick was accepted to college at the age of 16 but  for now he has chosen to put off college to pursue his dream of becoming a professional mixed martial arts fighter. To support himself Dom at various jobs. 

Dom was certified as a scuba diver at the age 14. His passion for the water later lead to his certification as an ocean lifeguard at the age of 16. He is currently employed by the town of Hempstead. 

He  began his musical studies as a child with his primary field of study being classical guitar, drums and piano.  He has achieved the highest performance grades for classical guitar playing level 6  NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) pieces  at the age of 14.  He is currently a music teacher employed by Oceanside Music School.

Dominick is also certified in executive protection encompassing the following: tactical firearms use; defensive tactics; bomb threats; weapons disarms; special event security; emergency first aid; ground tactics; electronic surveillance and countermeasures. 

Dominick is currently enrolled for his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification.  

When asked about the difficult path of professional mixed martial arts Dominick states,  "I think of my grandfather. During WW II he landed in Normandy France at 18. He was in Germany and then was shipped to the Philippines for the invasion of Japan. I dont see what i do as difficult.” Dom was very close to his grandfather.   
WWII PICAlpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
Dominick's grandfather, Vito Biondo (far right)in Manhattan after returning from over seas where he finished his tour of duty in Japan as part of the army of occupation. He is seated with his brother (right rear) Anthony Biondo and his first cousin Joe DiGraziano (left) also WW II veterans. Anthony was an MP and found himself at Auschwitz concentration camp, Berchtesgaden and was later assigned to deal him "displace persons". 
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts, Dom following one of his amateur mma bouts.

Dominick's Up And Coming Bouts

Sept 7th Florence KY Fight Fury 4 Man MMA Tournament 
Sept 27th NYC Combat at the Capitale Muay Thai
Oct. 18th N.C. Battle in the South Tittle Fight MMA
Nov. 30th Chile
 Training for a professional mixed martial arts bout is costly, extremely labor intensive and time consuming.  The need for regular conditioning and multi discipline training requires complete dedication. Dominick Biondo is seeking your sponsorship to make this dream a reality. His sponsorship goal is thirty five hundred dollars. 
Specifically these funds will be used for the following:  a reduction of Dominick's six day work week to three days in order to provide additional time for training;  supplements; equipment, private instruction, crossfit, yoga pre fight medicals, travel expenses to out of state fights ect.     
For Your Sponsorship 
 For your sponsorship, you'll receive accommodations at the Tropicana for Thursday’s weigh ins and Friday’s fight night,  two tickets to the event,  passes to wish Dominick luck back stage prior to the bout and complementary access to the after fight party. The event will be aired on Go Fight Live.  If there is a sponsorship T-shirt Dom would be honored to where it to the cage. 
If you have any questions concerning this sponsorship package please call Anthony, the director of Alpha Omega MMA at 516-241-7456 or you may email him at . Serious inquiries only. 
Option 2
Republic of Georgia  MMA Finals!
Sponsorship $10,000 per person 
(Up to four people)
Mixed Martial Arts and the Trip of a Lifetime!
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
Anthony Biondo the Director of Alpha Omega MMA is currently the national consultant for the development of mixed martial arts in the Republic of Georgia.    The “Georgian Universal Fighting Federation” (GUFF) which oversees all MMA in the republic of Georgia has found his incite; expertise and organizational skills invaluable thus awarding him the title of vice president of that organization. 
Due to Anthony's  unique position with regards to MMA in the Republic of Georgia he is able to offer the trip of a lifetime!
Geographical Location
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
Georgia is an Orthodox Christian country and strong Allie of the United States. No visa is required to visit Georgia.
For Your Sponsorship
(Your sponsorship funds will be used support the development of  the Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts fight team). 
Your Trip of a Lifetime includes!
A.      Round trip tickets to Tblisi Georgia from your local international airport.
air linerAlpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
      Depart Thursday Evening and Return Leaving Monday morning. 
B.       4 nights and 3 days at the Tbilisi Marriott.
 (Hotel Rating: 5 Stars) 
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
C. All transportation is included upon your arrival.
 D.                     All Food is included. 
georgian table setting
 E.       All access VIP event passes, best seats in the house to the Georgian Universal Fighting Federations  mixed martial arts finals! 
F.     After fight party with all the fighters of the event and with the President of GUFF. 
 G.      A tour with your own personal tour guide to ancient sights of historical Georgia. 
imagesCAIMHN5LGeorgian Trip 10-11 267
 H. Visit to the Ancient Natural Hot Springs Bath               House.
Proceeds from this sponsorship will go to support the Alpha Omega MMA fight team.   
If you have any questions concerning this sponsorship package please call Anthony, the director of Alpha Omega MMA at 516-241-7456 or you may email him at . Serious inquiries only. 
Option 3
 All Access Press Passes To The UFC!
Choose Your Event!
(Event arrangements must be made 6 weeks prior to the event of your choice)
$5,000 per person
What's Included:


(Domestic Flights Only also exculding Hawai and Alaska)

 Hotel and Car Service

                           Arrive Thursday! Leave Sunday!  

Pre Fight Press Conference 
UFC Press Conference
Weight Inns! 
Fight Night Cage Side! Post-Fight Press Conference
and After Fight Party 

 Proceeds from this sponsorship will go to support the 
Alpha Omega MMA fight team.   
 For a sponsorship of $2,500 per person plan your own trip and enjoy!
If you have any question concerning this sponsorship package please call Anthony, the director of Alpha Omega MMA at 516-241-7456 or you may email him at . Serious inquiries only. 
 Option 4
Sponsorship $3,500 per person 
(Up to four people)
A. Round trip tickets to N.J. Atlantic City 
Domestic Flights Only Also exculding Hawai and Alaska
 B. Arrive Thursday Afternoon  Leave Sunday afternoon.
 C.Hotel Rooms at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino.
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts, Trop interior 

D. $100 per person dinner gift certificate for “Carmine’s” Famous Italian Restaurant 
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
E. $100 per person dinner gift Certificate to “P.F. Changs” Famous Chinese Restaurant
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
 F.       All Access VIP passes to the ROC event.
Which includes:

The ROC official weigh ins 
Thursday evening. The best seats in the house for the event and back stage access to see the fighters warm up prior to competing. 
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts, Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
 G.     VIP access to the after fight party at Providence night club. Join the fighters, ring card girls and other VIP’S while enjoying a complementary bottle of your favorite top shelf beverage. 
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts, Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
If you have any question concerning this sponsorship package please call Anthony, the director of Alpha Omega MMA at 516-241-7456 or you may email him at . Serious inquiries only. 
Option 5
A sponsorship for MMA Enthusiast or Business man
The Battle in the South is an amateur mixed martial arts event based in North Carolina. The founder, owner and operator of “Battle in the South” is Mr. Richard Dambakly. The “Battle in the South”  (BITS) in its fifth showing has been both successful and recognized as the most efficiently run mixed martial arts venue in the state of N.C.  Mr. Dambakly has been the sole financier of the BITS and has put a significant amount of his own hard earned money into the show. Richards Goal is to make BITS the most successful Professional / Amateur event in N.C.  To accomplish this he is seeking investment capital.
Why has the “Battle in the South” had immediate success when most events fail out of the gate?
 Dambakly’s martial arts mentor is Shihan Louis Neglia. He Holds the Rank of YoDan 4th Degree under 9th Degree Shihan  Neglia. Mr. Neglia is the founder and president of one of the most successful mixed martial arts events in the world the “Ring of Combat”. He has provided Richard with tried and true methods drawn from decades of experience to enable BITS to enjoy the success that it’s had right out of the gate. He continues to lend support to Richard upon request. Furthermore he has allowed BITS fighters the opportunity to compete in the Ring of Combat which is the gateway to the UFC making the BITS event the most sought after card for fighters to compete on in N.C.
So often we look at the “deal” often forgetting that the man behind the deal is the single most important driving factor in determining success.
Who is Mr. Richard Dambakly?
 A martial artist, father, a survivor of cancer contracted down at ground zero, an iron man, martial arts academy owner and event promoter. Richard has over 29 years of martial arts experience and studied under 3 time World Champion Louis Neglia. He is the proud married father five.
 Dambakly, a field technician for Verzion Wireless in Manhattan, was just beginning his training for the HSBC Iron man USA Lake Placid in New York, his first, when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center September 11. Dambakly was immediately called into around-the-clock emergency repair work at the site. Two months later, he was hit by disturbing symptoms that proved to be Type B lymphoma cancer, requiring a rigorous protocol of debilitating chemotherapy starting in March. Most triathletes likely would have given up training when plunged into the infernal chaos at Ground Zero a daily commute of nearly four hours, crushing overtime, endless rounds of medical tests and therapy, Dambakly never wavered in his commitment to training every day for his goals. He persevered on five hours of sleep a night. "I ran every day at lunch," said Dambakly.
The acid test for Dambakly's commitment to training came during rugged chemotherapy sessions from March through mid-June. "My doctors didn't believe I'd be able to keep on working out through my chemo," said Dambakly. The chemo effects worsened, including nausea, aching bones, weakness and shaking. "Some days you feel nailed to the sofa, but I was determined to do something every day," said Dambakly. Dambakly ramped up his training from mid-June to race day to include 100-mile bike rides and two-mile open water swims. On July 28 he finished Iron man USA with time to spare: 16:34:05.
The Sponsorship
A $75,000 sponsorship for the next three BITS shows. Following each event a third of your investment capital will be returned along with 25% of the event profit. While acting as the event sponsor enjoy VIP treatment at each of the BITS events. If you’d like to discuss this package further call Anthony V. Biondo @ 516-241-7456.  Serious inquiries only.