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Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
Georgian Universal Fighting Federation logo
ROC Pics 9-14-2012 019
Anthony with World Kickboxing Champion Louis Neglia. Louis is  a close personal friend and the President of "Ring of Combat" (ROC). The ROC has sent more pros on to the UFC than any other venue. 
ROC Pics 9-14-2012 018

 Anthony with Mr. Richard Dambakely. Rich and Anthony have a very close business relationship and even closer friendship. Richard is a 911 cancer survivor and Iron Man contestant. We're not sure if Rich is human since his completion of a Iron Man while on chemotherapy. Mr. Dambakely is a retired pro champion kick-boxer who owns and operates a successful mma facility in North Carolina. He is also the president and founder of the "Battle in the South". North Carolina's most reputable amateur mma event.  
Georgian Trip 10-11 206
Georgian Trip 10-11 274
Georgian Trip 10-11 132
Anthony's  close personal friend Tariel Sharvashidze the president of the Georgian Universal Fighting Federation or 
GUFF.  Yes, Tariel is as tough as he looks. His background is classified. 
Georgian Trip 10-11 056
 Anthony with Tengo Sepi. Yes Tengo is his real name. This picture was taken in the mountains of the Republic of Georgia on one of their many recent visits. Anthony along with his partner Tengo have been the sole driving force behind organizing mixed martial arts in the Republic of Georgia from unified rules, facility development and event organization
Rod Housely in the Republic of Georgia

Anthony’s  close friend Rodney Housley  of Vision MMA with his fighters Marques Worrell and Shaun Asher to his left and Derek Gleixner of the Carmine Zocchi Team to his right.  Vision MMA of Ohio is one of the nation’s most successful mma facilities.  Rod is also the promoter of that regions top Pro/Am mixed martial arts event. This picture was taken by Anthony on February 20, 2012 prior to the GUFF mma event in Gori Georgia. It was the first time American mma athletes were to compete on Georgian soil.  
 Anthony Biondo with Pres. of ROC Lou Neglia and Ray Longo of Serra Longo
   Anthony with Lou Neglia and Ray Longo. Ray is the other half of the Serra Longo team. The Serra Longo team has produced some of mma's best fighter's. Anthony and Ray's fighters meet often in both the pro and amateur ranks. This healthy rivalry has helped the athletes from both camps step up their game.  

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