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Mr. Biondo is actively involved in the discovery and development of new mixed martial arts talent. He works with some of the top promoters and venues both nationally and internationally.  He is involved with devloping both professional as well as amateur fighters.  
Consulting and Promotions 
He is currently the national consultant for the development of mixed martial arts in the Republic of Georgia. The “Georgian Universal Fighting Federation” (GUFF) which oversees all MMA in the republic of Georgia has found his incite; expertise and organizational skills invaluable thus awarding him the title of vice president of that organization.  GUFF is a great organization to get international mma experience!
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Management Process

All pros and amateurs must submit an email to containing but not limited to the following: 

APersonal History: weltanschauung, place of birth, education, work history, hobbies or interests outside of fighting.  
B. Fighter Profile:  DOB, height, weight, reach, right or left hand dominant, full length and passport size photo. 
C. Family History:  single, married, divorced, children.    
D. Athletic History: sports played, martial arts background, years of wresting, bjj, boxing, thai boxing ect.  high school and collegiate awards, combative awards and belts.  
E. Fight footage: Via e-mail, link or disc ect.
F. Amateur and or Professional Combative History Listed in the following format:


 Event /Location
  Bruce Lee
  UFC 1 Madison Square Garden NYC
   MMA Pro
of the first round
Management Weight Classes
1.Flyweight under 125.9 pounds;
                                                                                  2.Bantamweight 126 lbs. - 134.9 pounds;
3.Featherweight 135 lbs. - 144.9 pounds;
4.Lightweight 145 lbs. - 154.9 pounds;
5.Welterweight 155 lbs. - 169.9 pounds; 
6.Middleweight 170 lbs. - 184.9 pounds;
7.Light Heavyweight 185 lbs. - 204.9 pounds;
8.Heavyweight 204 lbs. - 264.9 pounds; and 
9.Super Heavyweight over 265 pounds.
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Alpha Omega Mixed Martial Arts,
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