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MMA Submission Grappling 
A grappling style that consists of Jiu-jitsu without a gi, Wrestling, Sambo, and other grappling arts where submitting your opponent is the objective 
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
A martial-art utilizing throws joint-locks & choke holds to subdue an opponent without striking. The emphasis is to allow the practitioner to use their techniques to take control of their opponent from the ground. Class will be with Gi.
                                            Thai Kick Boxing 
  A form of kickboxing originating from Thailand. Unlike traditional kickboxing, Muay Thai allows low kicks, elbows, and knees and is considered among the elite striking arts.
An American sport/fighting style. Boxing is dependent on using quick footwork and punches. Although not considered a formal martial art, boxing's offensive and defensive techniques are invaluable in the sport of mixed-martial arts.
Children’s System
  This system focuses on children’s self-defense, bully prevention and situation awareness. It incorporates striking techniques and ground tactics.
  Intro To Mixed Martial Arts   
 This class combines all striking and ground techniques into the world’s most dominant from of martial art.
Strength and Conditioning 
  A class that focuses on various techniques and exercises to increase strength improve cardio vascular endurance and agility.
 A Class that incorporates full contact striking with protective gear. 
Private Training  
 Private instruction is available in all disciplines upon request.